War Memorial

They clear the graves at the cemetery in Tamborine fairly regularly, according to their notices.

I went back there this morning in the hope I’d find something left.

I lifted a wee poppy, one of the ones laid by a member of the community, and brought it down to the nearest war memorial.

I’ve stuck it in the crack on the stone. It’s plastic so it should last till somebody removes it.

I’ve so much gratitude to the people of Tamborine for all they’ve done for my family.

I wanted to make this gesture as an acknowledgement of the fact that other veterans lie in that cemetery, and in cemeteries all across the world.

I honour them, and am glad that Tom Trinder, having laid unrembered in an unmarked grave for 40 years, can now take his place amongst them.

2 thoughts on “War Memorial

  1. I’m having some difficulty signing in, I think it’s coz I’m in oz, on a wee mountain, and I don’t have much data. Please do feel free to share, though – I’d be grateful if you could link back to the site too. Thanks Steve.


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