Too exhausted to write much, but just to say, I came to realise many of my perceptiond about Australia were, well… limited.

My first realisation of was that in fact, crossing Oz in a plane takes six hours, rather than the six minutes I had supposed, meaning that in fact, Australia is contingent sized rather than about the size of the Isle of Wight.

The second realisation came looking out of the aeroplane window, trying to spot snakes, sharks, kangaroos, and any number of terrifying creatures with unfeasible numbers of limbs and more than their fair share of allotted eyes and stings. As if 1. They are large enough to see from the air 2. They are prevalent enough to see from the air.

Also, I talked to two Australians on the plane and although they were perfectly lovely, they didn’t invite me to a bbq. I found myself wondering, had they snubbed me?

On balance, I feel as though my previous view of Australia as a tiny island, about the size of the Isle of Wight crawling with terrifying beasts and rough and tumble Australians holding bbqs at a moments notice might have been… Well… Slightly racist πŸ€”πŸ˜…

I just know nothing about here. Either that, or the flight has given me cabin fever and I’m delusional at this point.

There was a beatiful sunset though, I just wish I could have caught the colours with my camera.

Now I’m going to drink an energy drink, so I don’t drive the car off the road, get some flowers and head up to Dennis’ grave, and sit with the man who’s name cast such a shadow over my childhood – but who was really more sinned against than sinning.

After that, I’m going to pour myself two large red snappers, and then sleep for a few hours-it’s been 30 hours since I left home and I hardly slept a wink 😴😴😴


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