December 1942-September 1943. North African Campaign, the Battle of Tunis, and the King’s visit.

The 59th Heavy Anti Aircraft regiment arrives in Algiers and undertakes exercises. Bone is a small, picturesque town outside Algiers, now known as Annaba ( Annaba (Arabic: عنّابة‎ lit “Jujube Town”, Berber languages: Aânavaen). Below is a view of the sea coast.
Image result for annaba

This is a map of Annaba from Google Images

Map of Bone from the troops records, the harbour is the same shape and the hospital is in the same place.

Details of troop movements around Bone December 1942

And here is Dennis in 1942, looking very cheerful and dapper in his uniform.

There were some attacks on the harbour at Bone as detailed in his regimental diaries.

Dennis is mentioned by name several times as he is an officer

He is still in Bone in November 1943

He has friends close enough to be mentioned by name in his wife’s photo album.

In May 1943, Battle of Tunisia won by allied troops against the axis countries. The video in the link gives an overview of it from the time. You can see heavy anti aircraft guns operating as well, which was the purpose of Dennis’ unit.

Even after the battle was won, there were still skirmishes.

In June 1943, Dennis’ regiment greeted the King on his visit to North Africa. There is footage of the visit available here and here. I couldn’t spot Dennis, but he would have been there.

This brought Dennis’ time in Africa to a close, and he was posted to Italy in September 1943.

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