Red Haired Girl: Part II

The certificates arrived today. The new online service only takes 4 days instead of two weeks, and it’s cheaper, because you don’t get a physical piece of paper – only a PDF.

The two children (one who died and one who lived) were not Grace and William’s children. They were born to a different Wright who married a different Trinder and just happened to live near enough to where William had lived with Grace – weird coincidence, but these things happen.

The other child, Peggy Trinder, was Grace and William’s child. Here are the details from her death certificate.

The death certificate shows that she died on 4th January 1929, at 5 Merrybower Road. Her name was Peggy Trinder. She was a little girl. She was one day old, and was the daughter of William Thomas Trinder, whose occupation was “commercial traveller,” (the same occupation Dennis had when he enlisted in the army).

The cause of death was listed as prematurity, and no postmortem was performed (no PM). This would usually be because the cause of death was obvious to the doctor, and a post mortem wasn’t needed. W G Trinder was in attendance at the death, which happened at home, and the death was registered on 4th January (the same day she died).

The birth certificate can’t be requested as it’s from 1929, but this contains enough information to show that the “red haired girl” remembered by Patricia’s mother was, indeed, a sibling, and that she died at home, of being premature. Grace was, at the time, 43 years old.

The death certificate also gives another address for the family in 1929, of 5 Merrybower Road in Salford. This is a suburban street, a short distance from Clowes Park. The house is semi detached and still standing (image from Google Street View).

4 thoughts on “Red Haired Girl: Part II

  1. Hi Criddy,

    I live on Tamborine Mtn and saw your article in yesterdays paper. It brought up a lot of interest for me.

    Many years ago when I lived on the Gold Coast I dated a very lovely man whose story, may be a major lost piece to your puzzle. Your story maybe a major lost piece in his puzzle… that of his invisible father, who if my memory serves me was not a part of his life from the beginning.

    He seemed to only have small snippets of info about his father, as i believe his mother “protected’ him from the details. He was a very kind and considerate man with beautiful manners ( due to his mothers influence). He shares your family name and looks remarkably like the photo in the Tamborine Times. He was tall and slim and of almost identical stature and facial features ( broad forehead, longish face and slim jawline and was at least 6’2 or 3) I have done a bit of research tonight and also read most of your research and have a strong feeling that he could even be another brother to your father and uncle. My old friend would be about 64yo and Tamborine Mtn is only about 35-45 mins away from the Gold Coast.

    I have purposely not revealed any personal info about this man, however he told me he believed his father was either a showman or his nick name was inspired by a famous showman ie.. Tommy…and he suggested his father was an Englishman. I have old phone numbers and addresses. If you would like to chat please just email me. The manager of Tamborine Times knows me well and can direct correspondence to me if you prefer.

    I haven’t seen or been in contact with this man for about 23 years, and I not being a great researcher like you seem to be, I may not be able to find him. It is funny how some peoples stories stick with you and this one always has. We both seem to love a mystery, wouldn’t it be lovely to connect the dots for your family. Good work.

    All the best in your investigation,

    Sandy B.

    PS. I’ll try to find out a bit more local info as well


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